Reau Family Pictured in the SheepIndustry News

MSPA members Mark, Brenda & Alexandra Reau are pictured in the June issue of the SheepIndustry News. They are shown collecting and processing blood samples for DNA testing in an article about the National Sheep Improvement Program genome study.

James Averill Named Deputy Director of MARD

Dr. James Averill has been named deputy director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD), effective May 21, according to MDARD Director Gordon Wenk.  James and Donna are award winning members of the MSPA

MSPA Award Nominations

Nominations are encouraged for the awards presented at the annual Shepherds Weekend held in January.  There are three awards: Commercial Producer, Purebred Producer & Club Lamb Producer.  

Do it now when someone comes to mind.  Click here for a nominating form.