Shearer Incentive Program

We recognize the important role that shearers have in the industry and the service they provide to flocks across the state.

MSPA is trying to reach more sheep producers with membership information about our organization. Our board of directors has approved a new program to give shearers an incentive to invite the people they shear for to become MSPA members. For each new member you recruit, we will pay you $5. We have prepared the enclosed information for you to use. Please fill your name in on the form and share it with your customers. They can either mail in the form or go to our website and fill out the same information. Every six months, we will send you a check for the funds you have earned, helping us recruit new members.

There are lots of great benefits to being a member of MSPA that you can see outlined in the flier. We have added special webinars for our members in the last year and will have an online “members only” sheep and equipment sale in the summer.

I hope you will consider partnering with us in this effort. We will be happy to mail you an additional supply when you run out of fliers. I am also interested in any feedback you may have on how MSPA can better serve you or your customers.