Sale Rules

MSPA Sale General Information & Rules

Sale Date & Time
July 6th, 2023
8:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST

Sale Host
Production Livestock Auctions 

Sale Committee Contacts
Samantha Ludlam, (616) 610-5628,
Dave Meeuwse, (269) 760-1268,
Jason Alberda, (616) 990-2893,

Who Sells
Only paid members of MSPA can sell in this sale. Visit to renew your dues. 

To sell, please email to request the number of lots you would like to consign. Consignors will be responsible for uploading their own data and pictures this year. 

A $20 entry fee per lot will be required to be paid by the beginning of the sale. Payments can be made directly on the MSPA website, or a check can be sent to MSPA, PO Box 192, Coopersville, MI 49404. 

Who Buys
Anyone can buy in this sale. In order to become a buyer in this sale, they must register to bid at

What Can be Sold
Only sheep and sheep-related equipment owned by paid MSPA members will be sold. We will encourage and recruit quality animals and equipment to be sold. 

Consignors will be responsible for completing any necessary testing or paperwork with out-of-state buyers. Buyers will pay for any additional testing or paperwork not already provided by the consigner. 

Sale Charges
There will be a $20 entry fee for each lot of sheep and equipment. The entry is non-refundable if the consigner cancels and does not participate in the sale. The entry fee is also non-refundable if the sheep is offered in the sale but does not sell. If for some reason the entry application is not approved by the sale committee, the entry fee will be returned. There will be an 8% commission fee charged on the sale price. For lots that contain ten or more animals, only a 6% commission fee will be charged. 

Minimum Bids
The minimum prices that have been established for the sale are $450 for rams and $300 for ewes and wethers. There is no minimum bid set by MSPA for equipment, only by the consigner. If an entry does not receive the minimum bid, it will not be sold, and the consigner will not be charged any commission. A consigner may place a higher reserve on their lots than the minimums that have been established for the sale. Commission will not be charged for no-sales or buy-backs, whether or not the seller sets a higher minimum than the official sale minimum.  

Shipping & Delivery
Each buyer will be responsible for the shipping arrangement of sheep and/or equipment purchased. Delivery usually can be arranged to most parts of the country. Contact Sale Management in advance for assistance.

Health Requirements
Your local or state veterinarian should be able to update you concerning health requirements for sheep entering your state. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be cognizant of and adhere to the entrance requirements for his own state. When entry permits are required, this can often be done prior to your arrival at the sale by contacting your state office. The seller will pay for a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection(CVI) if necessary. Contact your local veterinarian for assistance.

Sale Guarantee
Except for those stated in the below guarantee, there are no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the sheep or equipment being sold at this sale.

The warranties and the remedies provided therein shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the buyer, or any party claiming through the buyer, for any breach or warranty or guarantee herein provided, and all other obligations or liabilities.

  1. Every ram and ewe sold will be guaranteed as a breeder if properly handled. It shall be the responsibility of the buyer to return a non-breeder to the seller in acceptable breeding condition. The seller, after a fair trial and the animal is found to be a non-breeder, shall have the privilege of replacing the ram or ewe with one of equal value or satisfaction of the buyer, or refunding the purchase price. This guarantee shall not apply to any sheep that are shown subsequent to the date of the sale.
  2. Notification of non breeder rams must be made to the seller prior to May 1 following the sale; notification of non breeder ewes must be made to the seller prior to July 1 following the sale.
  3. Any lambs who drop their lamb’s teeth prior to 12 months of age as determined by their registration paper, shall be replaced with a lamb of equal quality to the satisfaction of the buyer within a reasonable amount of time, or the consignor shall refund the purchase price of the lamb promptly with all fees and percentages levied against such a lamb retained by the sale. It shall be the responsibility of the buyer to notify the consignor, and then the sale manager, if such a problem occurs. Any consignor failing to comply by this rule shall automatically be barred from consigning any sheep in the following sale.
  4. In the event any ewe represented as being open lambs within 140 days from date of sale, the seller agrees to refund to the buyer the full purchase price, or buying credit, or replacement ewe, upon delivery of the ewe and lamb(s) back to the seller.
  5. Neither the Sale Managers nor the sponsoring organization can or will assume any responsibility as to the authenticity of the pedigrees or bloodline information provided in the sale catalog, on pen cards, or otherwise, and the subsequent genetic performance of any sheep purchased. All such information must be accepted at face value. Any special guarantees or claims offered by individual consignors is strictly between the consignor and the buyer, and will not be enforced by the Sale Managers or the sponsoring organization.
  6. This guarantee shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller only, and no other parties assume any liability, legal or otherwise, expressed or implied. The sale manager will attempt to assist in disputes if requested by either party.