University of Michigan ECLS Lab Posting

“Here is the job posting in the ECLS lab as a Research Lab Specialist, the position has a 2-year commitment, with 50% night/weekend flexible work schedule.  The posting does mention that there may be engineering involved however, recently our lab has realized that we may need this position to work on device fabrication and testing about 50% of the 40hr/week.  The pay for this position can vary but the median is ~$40-44,000 annually, it is a salary job with full UM benefits.”

Here is the link, which will be open until 1/19/2021:

MSPA Youth Scholarship Fund

One of the Shepherds Weekend features that everyone will miss this year is the annual auction that
supports our scholarship program and youth activities. It is always a great time with Auctioneer Doyle

Your contributions are just as important this year. We hope you will consider a cash donation of what
you might have spent donating or buying an auction item.
We started this program about 25 years ago and it has been going strong ever since then. Many
outstanding folks have come through our youth program and are now contributing members of our

John Heller was our first scholarship winner. He received $500 back then to help support his college
education. Today, John and his wife Courtney still raise sheep and they operate a meat market, True
North Jerky and Foods in Chelsea. They also have three children who now attend our Shepherds
Weekend youth activities.

The sheep industry produces some fine young people, and we need your financial support to continue
our program. This year we will be awarding three scholarships based on the funds we raised in the last
auction. Please consider making a donation so we can continue this program, and a year from now will
be able to recognize outstanding youth.

Donate to the MSPA Youth Scholarship Fund today at