4-H Awards

The Michigan Sheep Producers Association is proud to support the annual Michigan 4-H Sheep Science State Awards and recognize the state winners at the annual Shepherds Weekend. 

This award is given to 4-H members who submit a detailed application that includes a description of their project, what they have learned throughout the years and how 4-H has impacted them, letters of recommendation, and more. Awards are scored by volunteers. Students can participate in both the Junior and Senior division, depending on their age. Below, are the students who have won this award in the most recent years. If you know of other state winners that we can add to this list, please share their information at info@misheep.org.


  • 2023 – No Awards
  • 2022 – Jayden Herzog (Senior; Allegan) and Jaycie Brown (Junior; Livinston)
  • 2021 – No Awards
  • 2020 – Katrina Tucker (Senior; Allegan)
  • 2019 – Levi Couch (Senior; Monroe) and Emma Tebo (Junior; Menominee)