New MSPA Executive Director

Samantha Ludlam will be new MSPA Executive Director

Samantha Ludlam was chosen for the ED position of MSPA after Maury Kaercher retires following the 2021 Shepherd’s Weekend event.  Samantha will start part-time in September to shadow Maury and Nancy as they organize the 2021 event to give her an insight into the huge amount of work that goes into organizing this event.

Samantha has been involved with the sheep industry as part of her family’s Windswept Farm in Hopkins Michigan. She is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Ag, Food, and Natural Resources Education and will be teaching Agri-science and FFA advisor in the Dundee School System this fall.
Samantha brings a long history of working with youth programs and hopes to grow membership, promote MSPA to everyone who raises sheep in Michigan, and of course, continue providing valuable information via educational activities like the Shepherds Weekend.

We welcome Samantha to MSPA,

The MSPA remembers Thelma Buckham and Roger Brooks

Remembering Michigan Sheep Producers

The month of April was a difficult one for those sheep producers who look to outstanding mentors for guidance and examples of how to live a life that ensures a valuable legacy for those of us who come after.  Thelma Buckham of Kalamazoo and Roger Brooks of Manchester have each left their mark on the sheep industry in Michigan and each has left a legacy of families that are still active and vital to the sheep industry in the state.  The MSPA offers its gratitude for that legacy and offers its condolences to the Buckham and Brooks families.

 Click here for her obituary.   

Roger D. Brooks

  Click here for his obituary.