Overland Lamb operates as a humane, all-natural, small-scale family farm located in Hillsdale County, Michigan. We are lamb and wool producers that focus on whole animal use. We have a traditional breeding system in which we produce Finnsheep and Teeswater crosses, as well as standard meat crosses, giving us a range of fiber and carcass sizes to meet various customer needs. We provide USDA processed lamb, mutton, offal, and tallow throughout the year.
​​Contact us for availability & pricing.Breeding stock and fiber flock animals are normally available in spring & summer. Finisher or harvest ready animals are normally available in the fall & winter. We shear in the spring and fall, meaning we often have raw fleeces available, wonderfully suited for spinners and weavers. Retired shearer, servicing small flocks on occasion and case-by-case. We recover newborn lambs born on livestock transporters, in feed lots, and auction houses. Lambs are placed in volunteer adopters homes and farms as breeding animals, meat production, or grazing companions. Contact for adoption, or to coordinate pickup of lambs in need.