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Meeuwse, Dave and Nathan | Meeuwse Farms LLC
3020 16th St., Hopkins,MI


Meeuwse Farms Polled Dorset flock originated in 1988 from two ewe lambs that were offspring of the KBS flock at MSU. Our Spring lambing, closed ewe flock is foot rot and OPP free with a 195% live lamb percentage. We currently use only rams that are RR at the 171 codon. Rams that we have used represent Carson, Wade Brothers, K Bar K, Hunter, Evans Run and Meeuwse genetics. We select primarily for maternal production and only register and breed sheep that are twins or better; we also select on 30 day and weaning weights. We sell reasonably priced rams, bred ewes, ewe lambs and some club lambs along with small starter flocks