City: Clinton - MI

Breeds: Polypay Texel
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Jansen, John, Bonnie, Caroline & Julie | J & B Enterprises
503 Tecumseh Rd, Clinton,MI


Through the Hoover/Halladay side of the family, our children were 6th generation graduates of Clinton High School. John Jansen, of German descent, entered the picture as Agriculture teacher in Clinton. In our family are 2 documented Centennial Farms at the north end of Clinton. Our home was built in 1830 and was the center of the largest sheep farm in the area. Now we have to drive a little further and work a little harder…wool is worth less, predators are more aggressive, farmland is harder to rent and more expensive to buy. So, we keep reinventing ourselves and evolving.

Sheep breeds: Polypay and Texels