Sheep Production Handbook

Volume 8 of the Sheep Production Handbook is now available.  It is an outstanding reference for sheep producers.  It can be ordered at or 303-771-3500, ext108.

MSBA Facebook Group

MSBA is now on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join. Go to Facebook and add Michigan Sheep Breeders Association.

Michigan Sheep Breeders Association Mentor Program

The Michigan Sheep Breeders Association (MSBA) is encouraging the establishment of new sheep flocks and wants to help newcomers get underway. There is a need for more sheep and sheep producers. The MSBA Small Flock Committee is taking the lead in this endeavor. The creation of the MSBA Mentor program is one aspect of this effort. The purpose is to help prospective shepherds, partnered with a mentor, learn effective methods of raising and enjoying sheep.

Mentors will be available throughout the state. Members of the MSBA Board and other volunteers will be the primary contacts. They may take the role of mentor or arrange for someone else who has unique perspectives to offer the mentoree.

What does it take to be a good mentor? It takes the desire and ability to share ideas, knowledge and perspectives in interesting ways. One doesn’t need to be a professional or college trained to do this. Anyone can be a good mentor by sharing experiences – successes and failures – through stories and anecdotes; thereby offering insights that can only come from experience. Mentors need to have a desire to help, a positive outlook and a sense of humor, and most importantly be a good listener.

Contact a MSBA Board Member or Maury Kaercher,, if you are interested in being a mentor.

Sheep Education Catalog

The American Sheep Industry Association has developed a Sheep Education Catalog to help in the growth of the sheep industry. It is a compilation of industry resources, both national and international, in which to gain information about sheep production, health issues, lamb and wool management, targeted grazing and more. The catalog is available to download at