Despite the heat, the MSU Sheep Education and Research facility hosted a well-attended summer event focusing on the importance of handling sheep with a minimum of stress for both people and animals.  Several different technologies were demonstrated from dogs helping out on pasture to a totally automated sorting system that only requires that the sheep be present and available to go through the system.  Approximately 50 people were on hand to tour the MSU facility, see the demonstrations and do some socializing.  Michigan Sheep Producers thanks Ray Williams of Gallagher, Jim Bristol with Marweld  products, Dr. Richard Erhardt with his Prattley portable system, Doug Uzelac with his well trained dogs and Lacey Quail of MSU for their extra efforts in putting together this Field Day.  The focus on being able to handle sheep efficiently and effectively to achieve successful management of the flock will be continued at the January symposium in Lansing.  Watch the Michigan Sheep Producers’ website and Facebook page
for updates!