Contact information:

Swenson Buckley, Aimee | Overland Lamb & Wool
11151 Dennings Rd, Jonesville, Michigan 49250, USA
(517) 250-0731


Dual-purpose pasture and forest grazed lamb and mutton. Producing hardy carcasses through optimum behavior management, without corn or soy. Fleeces available twice a year. Registered Romney breeding available. Purebred registered Romney lambs available on occasion. Crossbred dual purpose large carcass lamb stock available year round. Crossbred spinners flock lambs available year round. Rare-breed wool, personally sourced globally, available on occasion for sale or demonstration.

Aimee provides livestock systems consulting for small-scale sheep producers and mono-species commercial producers (chicken, hogs, etc). She has spent several years traveling the world researching rare breed sheep production, wool, and meat harvesting, often in extremely remote regions. She is completing her PhD at MSU, where her expertise is focused on the sheep production value chain in Michigan. Aimee has developed a model survey for state-wide sheep flocks through

Retired shearer – will take small jobs on occasion in SW Michigan. Will shear llamas. Blade shearing available.