City: Jonesville - MI

Breeds: Soay
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Dickey-Tomenga, Donna | The Dickey Farm
10980 Dennings Rd., , Jonesville, Michigan, 49250
(214) 616-1612


We raise and sell purebred British Soay sheep for the preservation of the breed. Our sheep are registered with the RBST (Rare Breeds Survivsl Trust) in Great Britain. This breed was once almost extinct, so the foundation is trying to promote information about it. We do not sell for meat/market. Soay sheep are very hardy, good mothers, low incidences of diseases, no docking of tails, no shearing (wool sheds in Spring and is used for wool products). Ewes and rams have gorgeous curling horns. Wool colors range from toffee brown to very dark black/brown, with cream color on the underside from tail to chest. Some rams have full , thick beards. They are “Show Worthy,” and ours have taken several Grand Champion ribbons.